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Welcome to my new website.
I am an International Para Dressage & Dressage & Working Equitation Rider, through my website you can follow :
  • my GOALS : to become a better dressage rider & para dressage rider. To use my dressage skills for Working Equitation
  • my DREAMS : participate at International Competitions and or major Para Dressage Championships as WEG or even Olympics
  • my achievements : check my regular competition updates
  • my work in progress : every horse & it's story
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Int'l Dressage, Para Dressage & Working Equitation Rider

+34 6 82 73 27 38

+32 475 24 26 28


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Dressage & Other
since 1986

  • International Pony Dressage Competitions (Schoten - B)

  • National Dressage Competitions (VDR, VLP, LEWB) Level 1 through 5 (Prix Saint Georges), France Level Amateur 2 & Amateur Elite Préliminaire & Pro, Spain National PSG, Para Dressage and FEI Young Horses Classes

  • International Para-Equestrian Competitions Grade V : 4th Place Belgian Championship 2010, 3 rd Place Belgian Championship 2013, 2nd Place Belgian Championship 2014. Participations CPEDI*** Roosendaal (NL) & CPEDI*** Deauville (FR) & CPEDI*** Waregem & CPEDI***** Somma Lombardo (ITA) CPEDI*** Beloura (POR) CPEDI*** Grote Brogel (B)

  • Regional & Int'l Working Equitation Competitions Belgium Netherlands and France 2019 and Germany. Belgian Champion Working Equitation 2019.

  • Regional & National Dressage Competitions Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, Portugal & UK

  • Young Horse Competitions

  • FEI Steward

  • National Dressage Judge (Military, Driving Sport, Dressage & LRV) Int'l Dressage Judge MCI and Working Equitation WE Judge & Int'l Working Equitation Judge

  • Organisation of various Int'l Dressage Competitions Shows (Vidauban FR, Zandhoven B, Diepenbeek & Tienen B) & Working Equitation competitions.


Latest Updates & Other News



Competitions & Results

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  • 2019 was Working Equitation for Teddy, winning 7 out of 8 competitions, becoming Belgian Champion Working Equitation 2019.

  • Work'n Paris : Int'l Working Equitation Competition, 2nd Place


  • WEG (World Equestrian Games) TRYON USA Para Equestrian Grade V.

  • Upon his return to Europe Panta is enjoying his retirement in the field


  • Int'l Para Dressage Competitions Deauville (FR)  & Waregem (B)

  • 6 Regional Competitions winning all

  • Working Equitation Competition : 2nd place

  • Winter Competition Lisaro wins with 7% ahead of the competition


Competitions & Results

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  • Int'l Vreedenburgh's WE Cup (NL) 1st PLACE Working Equitation

  • Teddy training hard and obtains his Int'l Para Qualifications, receiving very positive comments from the Int'l Judges

  • August Cattle Training Boot Camp (NL) with Ton Duivenvoorden,  obtaining the necessary certificate to participate in Germany

  • September participation at the Huge Int'l Winthermuhlen Trophey Cup in Neu-Anspach (GE) 2nd PLACE Workking Equitation

  • October Dressage Competition Villalonga, Valencia (ESP) 1st PLACE

  • December Finale Dressage Competition Oliva Nova (ESP) 1st and 2nd PLACE


  • Lisaro sadly leaves for USA


  • Arrival of my future Champion

  • September : 4YH Competition 1st PLACE & 2nd PLACE Mont-le-Soie (LUX)

  • December Finale Dressage Competition Oliva Nova (ESP) 2nd and 1st PLACE


(Covid)Competitions & Results

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  • CPEDI DOHA (U.E.) Int'l Para Equestrian Competition : Covid 

  • CDI Madrid (ESP) ParaEcuestre Competition : Covid 

  • CPEDI Macon (FR) : Int'l Para Equestrian Competition : Covid 

  • CDI Madrid (ESP) : National Competition : Rhino

  • CDN Valencia : Rhino

  • April Regional Dressage Competition Villalonga, Valencia (ESP) 1st PLACE

  • May CDI ParaEcuestre Competition Madrid (ESP) 1st & 2nd PLACE

  • June CDI Spanish Championship Paraecuestre OLIVA (ESP) 1st & 2nd PLACE 

  • June CPEDI***** Somma Lombardo (ITA) Tokyo Paralympics Qualifier : near Hattrick : 1st PLACE, 2nd PLACE & 1st PLACE

  • Oct Work'n Paris : Int'l Working Equitation Competition, 2nd PLACE 

  • Oct Regional Dressage Competition Raco (ESP) 1st PLACE

  • Nov CDN Madrid (ESP) : National ParaEcuestre Competition : 1st & 1st PLACE 


  • CDI Madrid (ESP) National Young Horses Competition : Covid 

  • CDI Elche (ESP) : National Competition : Rhino

  • CDI Valencia : Int'l Young Horses Competition : Rhino

  • Regional Dressage Competition Young Horses Villalonga, Valencia (ESP) 

  • May CDI Para Equestrian Competition Madrid (ESP) : scores +65% (ParaEcuestre) under age & good comments from judges 

  • Oct Regional Dressage Competition ALARCON (ESP) 5YH : 1st PLACE

  • Oct Regional Dressage Competition Elche (ESP) 5YH : 73,2 % + 76,8% 

  • Oct Regional Dressage Competition Pedregual (ESP) 5YH :1st PLACE

  • Nov Regional Dressage Competition El Sayton (ESP) 5YH : 1st PLACE

  • Dec Championship  Valencia Dressage Competition OLIVA (ESP) : Final 5YH : 2nd PLACE in the final 


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Competitions & Results

  • March : CPDN Madrid (ESP) ParaEcuestre Competition 66.8% 69.9% 

  • April : CPEDI*** Beloura (POR) 67% 67% 69%

  • June : CDN Barcelona (ESP) ParaEcuestre Competition

  • CPEDI*** Grote Brogel (B)​
  • ​July : Regional Competition El Sayton (Valencia) : 1st Place

  • Sept : Regional Competition CH Ruiz Esteabn (Valencia) : 1st Place

  • Oct : Regional Competition Los Arabes (Alicante)


  • Feb Regional Competition Elche (Alicante) : 1st PLACE

  • Feb Regional Competitin Villalonga (Valencia) : 1st PLACE

  • coming up Oct : Regional Competition Los Arabes (Alicante)

  • Madrid : 2 National Competitions Paraecuetre


Present & Past

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Teddy Action WE.jpg


° 2012 Stallion Licensed for Nord Rein & Westfalen (Germany)

Tongerenhof Peridoot x Sulaatik's Ginger Ale

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° 2016 KWPN, gelding

Georges Clooney (De Niro) x Oscar (x Sandro Hit)

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30 SEPT 036.JPG

P's PANTA LEONE °2000, Trakhener, Kostolany x Matador

Int'l Para Dressage, Intermed I

Happily Retired after WEG TRYON 2018 and living a good life

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LISARO van het METTENHOF °2011 BWP, gelding Uphill x Sandreo

Level PSG & Int'l Para Grade V

Very sadly sold to USA (because of my deteriorating health condition)

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Foto 5.jpg

1st Ever Ride on Pony

@ Age 3

Foto 2.jpg

MISS CHARMING °1968 - 1994 : English Riding Pony

FEI Jumping & Int'l Dressage Competitions

A 360.jpg
B 055.jpg

VENDETTA °1995 - 2020, BWP & OLD, mare ABNER x Romeo

Level 4 Retired as Broodmare

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Foto 7.jpg

LOVER BOY °1995 KWPN, gelding Pursiso II - PSG - Inter II

Retired to Switserland as Schoolmaster

Rags 001.JPG

RAGDOLL °2005 - 2011, OLD mare, Royal Jubilee x by VENDETTA


HOROSCOPO ZM °2009, PRE, gelding, Multiple European Championships 2014-16-17 with new owner

My Life with Horses

  • About me : living abroad, both as a child and adult, have given me an international spirit and excellent language abilities (Belgium, France, UK, Italy, Spain and USA).

  • Horses have always dominated any spare moment in my life, I actually started riding at the age of 10, doing my first jumping competition when at 12. At 16, my equine training was entirely focused on Dressage and has been ever since.

  • Having attained a university degree in Economics, plus a master in both Accounting, Public Relations and Marketing, my career was destined to be grand and interesting though slightly boring and certainly without horses. In 2007 I attained an Agricultural Certificate with Equine expertise.

  • In 2005 I said goodbye to the private sector and have gone working as Financial & Commercial Director for Global Business Organisation & EUCCE and other Int'l Media & IT oriented projects. This career move has allowed more flexibility for my horses.

  • After an office accident (2000) I became a Para-Equestrian, and after a serious lunging accident in 2016, I saw my Olympic Dreams (RIO 2016) vanish, after surgery I am still working on getting stronger and coping with my injuries, in everyday life as in riding.

  • Since 2005 I started intense training sessions David de Wispelaere (Aachen). (3years). Later on Jan Dupont (Jan & Liselot Dupont), whilst my competition-wise training has been supported by the sadly missed Jan Meersmans (former I.O. Judge). Since 2014 I have been training with fomer Belgian Int'l Grand Prix Rider Mario Van Orshaegen & Mariette Withages. Since the passing of Jan Meersmans, and a a lengthy competition break due to my 2016 accident, I have slowly started training with Int'l Dressage trainer Vicky Smits and thinking about competitions again. 

  • After an office accident (2000) I became a Para-Equestrian, and after a serious lunging accident in 2016 I am still working on getting stronger and coping with my injuries.

  • Regular Training Clinics with various International Riders & Trainers to broaden my skillls : Clive Milkins Int'l Para Dressage Trainer (UK Canadna), Portugees Olympic Dressage Rider Carlos Pinto, Portugees World Champion WE & Int'l Grand Prix Rider Gilberto Filipe Silva.

  • Various clinics : “Centered Riding” Sue Leffler, Canada, Lammert Haanstra(NL) longing techniques. Core Stability with Wouter D'Hoore

  • Through my continues struggles with health issues, my training is under supervision of Kelly Seghers together with her outstanding expertise in health, mobility & morphology Equi-Pura, she takes care of my horses' health as well as guiding me in my riding with regards to my fysical problems





Full body scan with Healy frequency therapy. For both analyzing and treating all systems in the body. Very effective in chronic pain, skeletal pain and mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression.

1st intake assessment and treatment can be coordinated by myself.

Possibility further follow-up treatments with deeper, more specific, cranio-sacral, osteopathy or straightness evaluation is done in cooperation and via Equi-Pura Kelly Seghers (who comes to Spain on a monthly basis) for training & treatments.


The health scan is carried out using the Healy medical device. Healy is a German medically certified device that works with frequency therapy. The leading figures behind Healy's development are Marcus Schmieke and Nuno Nina. Marcus Schmieke is a researcher and inventor of the TimeWaver, which many therapists use in bioresonance. Nuno Nina is a Portuguese specialist in integrative medicine and cell biology.


How does it work?

The basis of the Healy health scan is quantum mechanics that says vibrations are the information carriers of all matter. Each cell in the body has a vibration frequency and a voltage potential. This voltage potential is necessary for the exchange of substances and therefore the health of the cell.


Based on 144,000 different frequencies, the scan can analyze where there is imbalance. He organizes them based on more than 120 programs that he can run within the following groups:

• Gold cycle

• Pain/psyche

• Learning

• Fitness

• Sleep

• Beauty/skin

• Mental balance

• Meridians

• Bioenergetic balance

• Chakras

• Protection programs

• Deep cycle


He can also read the following supplementation: Bach blossoms, homeopathy, vitamins, Australian Bushflowers, Alaskan Gem Elixirs, Schuessler cell salts and I-Ching.

Another useful feature is the Aura analysis that analyzes the current state of the energy field and emotional background



Appointments in Spain will be coordinated by local contact. Possibility for 1st intake or necessary assessment / diagnostics via Healy Treatment prior to the treatment can also be booked through

+34 86 273 273 8  (EN, FR, SP, GE, NL spoken) or +32 475 24 26 28 

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