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Neural Reset Therapy (NRT®) is a new revolutionary treatment therapy developed by American Lawrence Woods. NRT® focuses entirely on the fast and above all, painless treatment of complaints throughout the body. For this it uses 2 neurological principles: reciprocal inhibition and symmetry.


Inside the body are special nerve bundles, called mechanoreceptors. These receptors respond to pressure, speed, vibration, elongation and other stimulations. With NRT®, the therapist sends a short stimulus to the mechanoreceptors by asking you to hold a certain position or make a movement in a certain direction.  The receptors send this message to the central nervous system, which will 'reset' the muscle to a normal neurological tone. Due to this 'reset', the pain points will often decrease or disappear significantly within a few seconds.


NRT® is not a massage and therefore distinguishes itself from many other therapies.  There is no pressure on painful areas and no elbows, needles, oils or medications are involved. NRT® can therefore be used for different people and is able to reset trigger points, periosteum (bone membrane), tendons, ligaments and painful scar tissue. Furthermore, blood flow, organs and fascia (connective tissue) are also positively affected. An additional advantage of NRT® is that it can be carried out in back position, sitting or upright and above (thin) clothing.


NRT® is so immediate and so effective that people often ask how long the result will last. Unfortunately, it is not so easy to answer this question. Many factors play a role in this: how long does the complaint exist, where is the complaint, how did the complaint arise... your lifestyle also plays an important role. In general, NRT® can be said to have a longer and greater effect than most therapies. Also towards chronic complaints, we see that NRT® offers improvement, even where there was never any improvement achieved before.

Health Scan

The health scan is carried out using the Healy medical device. Healy is a German medically certified device that works with frequency therapy. The leading figures behind Healy's development are Marcus Schmieke and Nuno Nina. Marcus Schmieke is a researcher and inventor of the TimeWaver, which many therapists use in bioresonance. Nuno Nina is a Portuguese specialist in integrative medicine and cell biology.


How does it work?

The basis of the Healy health scan is quantum mechanics that says vibrations are the information carriers of all matter. Each cell in the body has a vibration frequency and a voltage potential. This voltage potential is necessary for the exchange of substances and therefore the health of the cell.


Based on 144,000 different frequencies, the scan can analyze where there is imbalance. He organizes them based on more than 120 programs that he can run within the following groups:

• Gold cycle

• Pain/psyche

• Learning

• Fitness

• Sleep

• Beauty/skin

• Mental balance

• Meridians

• Bioenergetic balance

• Chakras

• Protection programs

• Deep cycle


He can also read the following supplementation: Bach blossoms, homeopathy, vitamins, Australian Bushflowers, Alaskan Gem Elixirs, Schuessler cell salts and I-Ching.

Another useful feature is the Aura analysis that analyzes the current state of the energy field and emotional background.


After the analysis it is possible to send the right frequencies in your energetic field or directly in your cells using electrodes. The frequency therapy of the Healy ensures that the membrane tension is optimal for transport in the cells. Healy sends its frequencies to the deepest level so that the self-healing capacity is addressed and thus has a positive influence on all kinds of complaints. The Healy is addressing the cause.


Note: Healy is a medical product for the treatment of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraines and for the supportive treatment of mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety and associated sleep disorders. All other uses of the Healy are not accepted by regular medicine because its effect has not been scientifically proven. However, there are several user experiences where Healy has been used for a variety of complaints.


Hirudotherapy is a treatment with the Hirudo medicinalis or medicinal leech, which is a kind of organic pharmacy. The leech injects a combination of 80-100 active substances into the blood that are unique in type and composition. These scientifically proven medical substances include: hirudine, hyaluronidase, chymotrypsin, destabilase, proteinase inhibitors, collagenase and other unidentified substances.


These beneficial substances work:

• Analgesic

• Bloodthinning

• Anti-inflammatory

• Joint lubrication

• Blood pressure and hormone regulating

• Lymph cleansing

• Antibacterial


Hirudotherapy has been an officially recognized drug in Germany since 2005. Thanks to the pharmaceutical substances he produces, he will purify our body and make it healthier in a 100% natural way.


Indications for treatment are:

• Joint and inflammatory complaints: back, knee, elbow, neck...

• Nerve damage, bursa infections

• Ulcers, wounds, abscesses and lymphoma

• Skin conditions: scarring, eczema, varicose veins


A leech treatment lasts about an hour and a half and often gives positive results after 1 to 3 treatments. The treatment is almost painless as the leech itself inserts analgesic substances. A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 10 leeches are used, all of which are medically inspected.  The treatment can be acute or chronic depending on the symptoms


Craniosacral therapy is a derivative of osteopathy and works on the craniosacral system. This system consists of the connection from skull to sacrum with the brain and spinal cord membranes (connective tissue) and within it the craniosacral fluid. Also in the rest of our body there is connective tissue everywhere, which connects everything like an elastic web. Every nerve, every organ, every blood vessel is lined with connective tissue that is therefore a binding factor in our body. It protects, provides support and keeps all parts together and separated from each other.


It is essential that the connective tissue can move along during our movements, such as walking, sitting and exercising, working and even breathing. Where the connective tissue can no longer move sufficiently, problems arise sooner or later. These can be concrete complaints, but often they are unclear and you just don't feel comfortable.


A craniosacral treatment is aimed at optimizing the mobility of the craniosacral system and all other related tissues. With gentle treatment techniques, the therapist will move the tissues to get more relaxation so that the function can improve. In addition to physical limitations, craniosacral therapy also focuses on psycho-emotional complaints. The treatment is performed in back position above (thin) clothing and creates a deep relaxation and rest that is often accompanied by emotional discharges

Transformational Cupping

Diseases in the body can arise from accumulation of toxins. These toxins are trapped in the body in fascia, fat, muscles and energy pathways. The body is normally able to clean up these waste materials itself, but due to stress, poor nutrition, wrong breathing, too little movement, emotions, medication and traumas, this is no longer possible.


In transformational cupping®, we specifically look for those adhesions that limit the free flow in your body. The chosen region is massaged with oil and then treated with the cups. The cups are pulled vacuum and moved back and forth over the body. The adhesions are pulled loose and blood vessels are opened so that they can clean up. Each part of the body can be treated with transformational cupping®, because adhesions can lock anywhere.


Usually 1 to 2 places are chosen to treat so that we can work well into the depth. During a treatment, emotions that have been stored for a while can release. All this can happen and only makes you feel closer to yourself and feel freer again. The blood vessels that come to the surface and open can feel painful and then temporarily bruise. The better your blood flow, the less trouble you will have from the treatment. So you can adjust your diet in advance so that you have fewer bruises and also need fewer treatments.


Transformational cupping® helps with:

  • Poor blood flow

  • Cellulite

  • Bloating

  • Traumas

  • Widow's bump

  • Persistent pain complaints

  • Fat accumulations

  • Organ complaints

  • Scars and stretch marks


After the treatment it is important to drink enough water so that the loosened toxins can be disposed. The treated place can turn blue and set up, this is normal and will disappear on its own. How often a treatment is needed depends on the complaint and the combination with food that is made.

Orthomolecular Therapy

The cells in our body are the smallest building blocks that control all processes in the body. To ensure that these cells perform their function properly, they need a number of nutrients. The nutrients are divided into macronutrients and micronutrients. The macronutrients are nutrients such as proteins, fats and carbohydrates. The micronutrients are vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Part of that can be created by our body itself, but most of it comes from our diet. In order to meet the needs of our body, we are therefore responsible for the absorption of the right nutrients.


A lack of healthy food for your cells can manifest itself in:

  • Headache

  • Fatigue

  • Intestinal complaints

  • Bloating

  • Vague physical complaints

  • Constant need for food

  • Recurrent inflammation

  • A body in which you don't feel well


Healthy food is one of the important keys to a healthy body both in case of complaints and prevention. Aligning what your body needs is always adjusted for you. For this we use recipes for meals and juices, dietary patterns, supplements and Aloe Vera products. Together we look at what suits you to get really healthy


BEMER® therapy is physical vascular therapy that stimulates blood flow and improves microcirculation. Circulation is essential within the body. It supplies the cells and organs with nutrients and oxygen and disposes the waste. This exchange of substances takes place in the microcirculation, the area of the small capillaries. Microcirculation takes up to 75% of the blood vessel system. In the human body, it's the size of a football field.


Stress, monotone nutrition, too little exercise, disruptive environmental stimuli, too heavy workouts, drug use, but also aging, among other things, reduce the pumping effect of the capillaries. As a result, blood cells are on the road for too long and can no longer perform their tasks properly. When cells and organs are not given enough nutrients and oxygen, physical and mental functions eventually deteriorate. This results in pain, mood swings and diseases.


BEMER® uses a magnetic field with specific PEMF signals. This restores pumping function in the capillaries and restores blood flow to a normal level. The body cells have nutrients at their disposal again, can better get rid of toxins and are therefore able to perform their tasks better. In summary: better blood flow increases the efficiency of body cells, reduces pain and has a beneficial effect on the body's self-healing capacity.


The therapy is scientifically based and effective in:

• Chronic diseases: Lyme, eczema...

• Injuries and wound healing

• Improve immune system

• Competition and training for shorter recovery time and performance improvement


Physical vascular therapy can be used in combination with numerous treatments and indications. It is an easy-to-use blanket and spots to apply it as a treatment in general or locally. BEMER® products are officially EU-approved medical products.


You can always visit the official website of BEMER® :

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